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The Benefits of Meditation

Everyone nowadays is on the go. Whether that’s working, socialising, worrying about work and socialising, travelling or making plans for the future, it is hard to switch off and just… breathe. Add to this the ever evolving and life consuming…

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Consistency is Key

What if I told you that the best fitness program isn’t the one written by the highest paid celebrity personal trainer in Hollywood? What if I told you the best nutrition program isn’t the one that you paid hundreds of…

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Better Shopping Habits

It’s the new year, a time to make positive changes and hit the ground running with fresh energy. This is the time of year when fitness and eating habits are prioritised most and when hopes of finally getting that perfect…

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Social Media and Body Image

Many of us are striving to improve our looks, health, fitness and body composition. We want to be slimmer, sexier, and more attractive then ever before. When done in a healthy way and for the right reasons, these pursuits can…

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Taking Steps Towards Better Health

When it comes to improving health, well-being, and fitness, it is good to focus on simple, repeatable steps that lead to long-term sustainable results. Things like starting to walk every day or increasing your daily step count can go a…

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Nutrition and Exercise

What is more important? The foods you put into your body or the exercises you do? What is going to give you the most bang for your buck? Well, it depends on what you are trying to achieve, but honestly…

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Better social life = Better life

As humans, we are built to be together and function better when we work as a team. At our core, we are social animals, and it is in our best interests to build and maintain strong, supportive social connections. Without…

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