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About the Global Weight Management Federation

charity-community-global-help-teamGlobal Weight Management Federation is committed to improving the standards of the Weight Management Industry. We have a strong network of recognised academic and industry professionals across the country who we work with to create a more united voice for obesity prevention and weight management.

We believe in challenging the status quo and providing better outcomes in terms of career and business opportunities for our members, ongoing personal and professional development and ultimately more successful long term outcomes for those we all serve; our clients.


Global Weight Management Federation is committed to improving the standards of the Weight Management Industry and creating a ‘hub’ for professionals to network, learn and engage for the betterment of the industry.

Through collaborative relationships with associations, academia and industry we aim to create a united voice for obesity prevention and weight management.


Our members and graduates include a passionate and powerful group of highly educated and trained professionals committed to working together to stem the tide of global obesity.

Our initiatives create new platforms for collaboration to improve, grow and move the industry forward and challenge the status quo.

Our Values – We are:

  1. Passionate – We love what we do.  We empower people, transform students’ lives, and skill our communities, business and industry.
  2. Connected – We share our ideas and our knowledge. We collaborate widely across the industry and with our local and global partners.
  3. Practical – We have the know-how and experience. We deliver flexible real-world training to meet the demand of the ever-changing industry.
  4. Trusted – People can count on us. We build on our proud history of quality training and services in the weight management industry.
  5. Supportive – We value and support our people and recognise their diversity and achievements.
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