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Tuesday 22nd September: 1pm – 2pm (QLD Time Zone)

‘The Role of Gut Health in Weight Management’ with Liz Isenring

Gut Health in Weight Management

The gut-brain axis allows for two-way communication between the brain and the gut.

Gut Health in Weight Management

That what we think about affects our digestion is not so surprising – just think about when you are stressed and give a talk or sit an exam. Do you feel butterflies in your stomach? Do you need to race off to the toilet? Well that’s your brain “talking to” your gut. What has only recently become known and is a current hot topic is that the gut (and more specifically the components produced by our gut bacteria) can influence our brain. So, our gut and gut health can impact our appetite, mood, food cravings and even sleep. How food affects our mood and nutritional psychiatry is an emerging area. So, knowing about nutrition is not only important from a weight reduction point of view but may also help people feel better, less hungry and stick to a healthy eating plan. We discuss the research about how our gut health can impact our mood and weight loss and maintenance efforts to help people achieve their health goals.

About Liz
Dr Liz is passionate about transforming lives through evidence-based nutrition. She is a professor of nutrition and dietetics and director of LINC Nutrition. Dr Liz has published over 150 scientific papers, received $4, 000, 000 in research support and co-authored international guidelines widely considered the gold standard in the area. After more than 20 years in hospital and university positions Dr Liz has started her own business to help form a “LINC” from where people currently are in their health journey to achieve their vision of optimal wellbeing.

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