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Tuesday 20th June: 1pm – 2pm (QLD Time Zone)

Virtual Hypnotherapy – how to help your clients lose weight diet free with Dr Karen Phillip

By using this new innovative weight loss program, Virtual Hypnotherapy, you can help your clients retrain their brain and get rid of any internal resistance that has been holding them back. This webinar interview will show you how your clients’ brain can be enabled to Think Slim, guiding them to better food choices.

Virtual Hypnotherapy

Virtual hypnotherapy will allow your clients to use the power of their own subconscious mind to help them achieve the outcome they desire. It will also help your clients to overcome the sugar addiction many clients complain about and assist them to reach a healthy acid/alkaline balance.

Dr Karen’s has created an innovative Lose Weight technique which includes personal recorded sessions that she conducts in her rooms speaking to the conscious part of your mind. This is then followed by the hypnotherapy session which speaks to the subconscious mind. Discover how this method delivers more beneficial results, enabling both the conscious and subconscious mind to receive beneficial suggestions; the results are incredible and amazing.

About Dr Karen Phillip:

Dr Karen Phillip is one of Australia’s leading Counselling Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Dr Karen works considerably on radio both here and in America and she does a weekly segment on 2GB every Saturday night during the summer season with Warren Moore. Dr Karen is a regular on TODAY, Daily Edition and Studio 10.

Dr Karen holds qualifications in Counselling, Nutrition, Fitness, Hypnotherapy and PhD in Sociology. In 2015, Dr Karen developed Virtual Hypnotherapy to assist people around the world with issues such as Weight Loss, Quit Smoking, Reducing Anxiety, removing Phobias, and letting go of that excess past baggage so many of us carry. No longer needing to travel to her room or attend on Skype, the sessions have been recorded and are now available on-line. The program is then the clients to keep forever.

Dr Karen’s Lose Weight session has been a successful worldwide. Thousands of people have reduced their weight without needing diets specific foods, weighing, measuring, or replacing meals. Dr Karen believes “We all have a natural power within to choose what is right and best for us, unfortunately we can’t hear these positive messages which is where Hypnotherapy enters. By using our own natural ability, we enable the client to adjust their thoughts and feelings about food so they naturally avoid empty junk foods or over-eating, then weight loss is natural, steady and forever”.

Dr Karen also speaks about sugar addiction, and the necessity of understanding the acid / alkaline balance within the body. Acidic systems find weight loss difficult, once you can become balanced or alkaline, weight loss is far faster. Most people carrying excess weight have an acidic system and this can be adjusted easily once you know how hence weight loss is accelerated.

Make sure to listen in to a webinar that will help you, and your clients, better manage their health.

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