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Tuesday 18th September: 1pm – 2pm (QLD Time Zone)

‘The 3 Most Important Keys for Successful Weight Release’ with Shari Ware

Successful Weight Release

1: Your WHY
We know HOW to lose weight, but because our reasons why we don’t want to are bigger than our reasons why we do want to, we don’t. If I had a $1 for every time someone has asked me what the secret is, I would be a millionaire. There really is no secret other than you need to make your reasons WHY you want to release the weight greater than all your reasons you DON’T want to.

Successful Weight Release

When you do this, you’ll be able to achieve whatever goal you have set for yourself and it won’t seem nearly as hard as you thought it would, because you want it so much. You CAN do whatever you tell yourself you can, if you want to badly enough.

2: Believe it’s possible
The second most important thing is having belief. Firstly, you need to believe what you’re trying to achieve is possible in the first place, otherwise, why would you even try to achieve it? You wouldn’t. You wouldn’t make any changes, because you don’t believe that it is possible.

3: Self Belief
Secondly, you absolutely have to believe in yourself.

About Shari Ware:
Shari Ware went from slicing a piece of cake, to slicing her weight in half! In fact, she spent more than a decade in the morbidly obese classification, and was fortunate that no major health crisis came her way.

Shari now helps others win the weight battle the way she did – one change at a time. Shari has made it her mission to help others change their story and find their Fabulous. She discovered the secret to successfully releasing weight and found that it applies to every goal that we set for ourselves in life. Now she helps others to find their “Why Power” as a critical starting point which in conjunction with making a series of changes over a period of time, leads to massive change.

Other tools that Shari has added to her toolbelt to help people are a Personal Training qualification and a certification in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching. She’s been featured by That’s Life Magazine, Today Tonight and Channel 9.

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