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Tuesday 16th June: 1pm – 2pm (QLD Time Zone)

Mindset Hacks to Ditch the Weight Without Dieting! with Shari Ware

Mindset Hacks

Have you tried every diet, pill, shake or potion there is on the market to no avail? Are you sick of doing all the “right” things, but nothing works? That’s because what we have been told all our life about weight loss is not necessarily true.

Mindset Hacks

Weight release is not all about nutrition and exercise. Of course they are important, but if you want to not only lose the weight, but release it forever, then there are other more important things that need to be worked on first. During the course of this interview I will outline the most important elements to successful long term weight release, the 5 things that I focused on to release 100kgs naturally and mindset hacks to enable you to ditch the weight in a way that is healthy, sustainable and doesn’t completely suck!

About Shari:
Personal Lifestyle Renovation Specialist Shari Ware went from slicing a piece of cake to slicing her weight in half. In fact, she spent more than a decade in the morbidly obese classification, and was fortunate that no major health crisis came her way. Shari now helps others free themselves from the weight holding them back the way she did – one change at a time. Helping those who hold onto weight brings her great satisfaction, as she knows that it enables them to live life to the full, it gives them freedom and a future to look forward to. Shari helps them to love what they see in the mirror each day along the way and to truly believe that they are worthy, that they are important, that they are loved and that they are MORE than enough! “I realized that I spent so much time doing the urgent things that I didn’t have enough time to do the important things,” says Shari. She’s referencing the time when she was a lot heavier – 100kg heavier. Through her business and speaking engagements, she is helping others change their story and trim the fat out of their lives.

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