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Sonja Bella - Australian College of Weight Management

***Make sure to book in early as places are limited to a maximum of 8 people***

Our online Mastermind & eNetworking sessions are for all members of Global Weight Management Federation; each member is permitted to attend up to 3 sessions per year.

During this one hour interactive session Sonja Bella, Founder and Director of GWMF, will be your facilitator. These sessions enable you to meet other members which can be a great way of building your network. Each member will have the opportunity to introduce themselves (a video camera is recommended, but not essential) and you can also take a minute or two to share a bit about yourself and/or your business.

These sessions are a fantastic opportunity to meet, engage, network and learn from a diverse group of people within an industry who bring with them experience, ideas and thought-processes that make the Mastermind and eNetworking session a uniquely engaging and strategically powerful experience.

Upcoming event details are below. If you are not a member yet, click here to find out more about our membership benefits.

Upcoming Mastermind Sessions

1pm – 2pm (QLD Timezone) Tuesday 21st March 2017

1pm – 2pm (QLD Timezone) Tuesday 25th April 2017

1pm – 2pm (QLD Timezone) Tuesday 23rd May 2017

To register for any of the dates listed above, please click on the following link: