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Interconnections… Toxic Scents and Weight Gain with Connie Rogers

Interconnections, Toxic Scents, Weight Gain

We Are A Nation ‘dying to smell good’!

According to a study in Environmental Health Perspectives, a daily squirt of air freshener or a few hours around a burning scented candle every day negatively changes metabolism and can do irreparable harm.

Interconnections, Toxic Scents, Weight Gain

I believe synthetic chemical exposures from cleaning products to perfumes, are the missing link we need in order to understand weight gain. These chemicals create imbalances in all bodily systems, and organs. And as studies show, obesity is a loss of balance in every biological system.

The best lessons in ‘weight loss’ are finding out the real causes with simple options to heal.

About Connie Rogers:
Connie  is a Certified Integrative Health Coach, Brain Health Coach, and Published Author. She is an expert in the field of toxins that can interfere and disrupt our skin, brain, metabolic and endocrine health.

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