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Tuesday 18th February: 12pm – 1pm (QLD Time Zone)

How Hypnosis Helps YOU to Feel Great About Your Weight with Dr Janet Hall

Hypnosis Feel Great About Weight

Dr Jan believes that the main advantage of hypnotic techniques used by a trained professional is to help people tap into the power of their own mind in a fast, easy, and pain-free way so that they can achieve two main benefits:

  • Overcome the negative self-esteem about body image and weight.
  • Be motivated and achieve success in achieving and enjoying their ideal body.

Hypnosis Feel Great About Weight

Hypnosis can change the way you think about food, stop the struggle, and make you love exercise!

Hypnosis can effect the way your brain feels about food, emotional hunger, cravings, and your beliefs about your body.

Enjoy being healthy and proud of your decision to HAVE A SLIM, TRIM BODY.

You can stop the self sabotage, and easily allow your body to release the fat!

Discover the power you have to change the way you feel about food forever.

Are you tired of trying to make behavioral changes using your conscious mind?

Your habits lie in your subconscious mind, so you must change your habits there, and hypnosis is the best way to make those changes.

One of the secrets of success with hypnosis is reinforcement through repetition–the way you learned your habits to begin with! Your subconscious mind has the power to end your struggle with food.

Hypnosis can help make better choices, eat more slowly and exercise more, naturally.

Be in control, love to eat nutritious foods. Easily turn down the sweets and fats.

Dr Janet Hall will share case studies which include:

  • Overeating
  • Bulimia
  • Binging
  • Anorexia

Weight management is achieved faster with hypnosis.
Some people say it feels like magic because it is so easy to make powerful changes


About Dr Janet Hall

Dr Janet Hall has been a qualified hypnotherapist for over 39 years. She is also an author, speaker and media consultant.
Dr Jan founded Richmond Hill Psychology in Melbourne, Australia.

She specialises in making self-hypnosis audio recordings to help weight management and super-boost self-esteem.
Dr Jan has over 50 audios, mostly of hypnotherapy, which sell on Amazon and Audible.

Make sure to listen in to a webinar that will help you, and your clients, better manage the weight and their health.

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Make sure to listen in to a webinar that will help you, and your clients, better manage the weight and their health.


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