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Tuesday 20th July: 10am – 11am (QLD Time Zone)

‘Emotional Freedom Technique can Reduce Cravings and Negative Body Image issues’ with Jenni Collins

EFT Reduces Cravings plus Negative Body Image issues

During this interactive webinar we will discuss an introduction to tapping; what it is and how it works, what EFT has been shown to improve in the research studies and research related to food cravings and body image issues.

We will also cover EFT Processes and Basic Recipes as well as tapping exercises with the group.

About Jenni:
Jenni Collins is one of Australia’s leading Credentialed Mental Health Nurse’s and established her private practice cOURageous ACTionS in 2019, after a 15-year career working in the public and private mental health sector in Melbourne. During this time Jenni spent 1000s of hours counselling and treating clients with significant psychological and emotional challenges.

Jenni was awarded her Master of Nursing at Monash University in 2013 and has also trained with Dr Peta Stapleton from Bond University in Queensland Australia, who is a leader in the field of emotional freedom techniques (EFT) or tapping. She has also trained with in Acceptance and Commitment therapy with Russ Harris and Louise Hayes, as well as Self-Compassion therapy with Kristen Neff, Neuroscience with Dr Sarah Mackay, and Habit Change Interventions with Dr Gina Cleo. Using the knowledge and skills from her comprehensive training Jenni has developed the Taming Creatures of Habit program to support Busy Professional Mum’s to “Have It All” without feeling they need to Do It All…

She is passionate about reducing the obesity epidemic one family at a time

Make sure to listen in to a webinar that will help you, and your clients, better manage the weight and their health.

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