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Tuesday 21st August: 1pm – 2pm (QLD Time Zone)

‘Are Carbohydrates a Friend or Foe when it comes to Weight Loss’ with Fiona Tuck

Carbohydrates can help prevent weight gain—and even promote weight loss.
Yes you heard it, carbs (the right kind) can help us to lose weight. Researchers at Brigham Young University in Utah followed the eating habits of middle-aged women for nearly two years and found that those who increased their fibre intake lost weight. Women who decreased the fibre in their diets gained. Many carbohydrates contain dietary fibre, which is actually an indigestible complex carbohydrate.


Swapping refined grains for whole grains may help reduce total body fat and belly fat, according to research in the Journal of Nutrition. In the study, adults who ate about 3 servings of whole grains a day had about 2.4 percent less body fat and 3.6 percent less abdominal fat than those who ate less than a quarter of a serving.

About Fiona Tuck:
Fiona Tuck has over 25 years of experience in the health and wellness industry and is known as the ‘myth buster’ of the nutrition world. Fiona is a Business Woman, Author, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Skincare Expert, Yoga Teacher and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. Fiona is co-founder and former Managing Director of leading Australian skincare brand Skinstitut and founder of Vita – sol wholefood nutraceuticals.

Her in-depth knowledge and insight into future trends within the wellness industry has made her a sought-after media commentator. Fiona regularly appears on Australian national television including Channel 7’s ‘The Morning Show’, ‘Sunrise’, ‘Today Tonight, ‘The Daily Edition”, Channel 9’s Today Show Extra, Network Ten’s ‘Studio 10’ and is a popular radio wellness expert. Fiona is a resident guest nutritionist on national Talking Lifestyle Radio, tune in to listen to her debunk common nutrition myths with Ed Philips every Monday at 1.30pm.

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