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Tuesday 21st November: 1pm – 2pm (QLD Time Zone)

‘Maintaining weight loss: a look at habits’ with Gina Cleo

Gina Cleo is an accredited practicing dietitian with a passion for long-term change. Gina has just completed her PhD which looked at weight loss maintenance; the PhD focused on 2 interventions, one which formed new habits and the other broke old habits.

Throughout her PhD, Gina discovered there’s more to weight loss maintenance than meets the eye and that it’s important to change how we think about weight loss interventions by focusing on the habits that define us rather than just general lifestyle advice for successful weight loss maintenance.

This interview is an interactive discussion and we encourage attendees to ask questions. The areas we will cover during the interview are:

  1. Intention-behaviour gap: Why we don’t do the things we want to do?
  2. Ego depletion: Why we start something but don’t sustain it (e.g. new years resolutions)
  3. The Habit loop: Why and how we form habits
  4. Habit change: 3 tips on changing habits to achieve long-term change (we can focus on weight loss but the tips can be applied to any area of life)

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