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Tuesday 12th June: 10am – 11am (QLD Time Zone) Monday 11th June 7pm – 8pm (USA CT)

‘Weight Loss the Hypnotic Difference’ with Scott Schmaren

Weight Loss the Hypnotic Difference

It seems like for eternity weight loss has been focused on mostly two things: diet and exercise and while they are important to the process they are only tools and not the key to life long weight loss. It is the reason that almost all men and women who lose weight usually gain it all back.

Hypnotic Difference

So, what is the key to life long weight loss? The subconscious mind. You see the picture we have of ourselves in our subconscious mind determines what our physical body will look like. If you have always been over weight, that is the picture your subconscious mind has as been normal for you and it will protect and keep you over weight.

We will be discussing how to change those pictures in your subconscious mind and effectively lose and keep off weight.

About Scott Schmaren:
NeuroPerformanceologist, Scott Schmaren is an internationally known hypnotist, speaker, coach and author. He co-wrote the book, “Stepping Stones to Success”, along with Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra and Dr. Denis Waitley.

He is also the creator of, “The Quatric Formula for Success” which is the life transformation program he created to literally transform every area of his life, including helping him lose and keep off more than a 180 pounds.

Scott has appeared on “Oprah” and Oprah said, “If Scott can do it, I can do it and so can you!”. Scott is a regular guest on The Howard Stern Show and Daily Mail. He has also appeared on Fox News, Coast to Coast Radio and has been featured in Reader’s Digest and The New York Times. Scott recently appeared on the television show, “Moving America Forward”, with William Shatner and Doug Lewellyn and was honored for his work.

Scott’s process of transformation is being used to help cancer patients, children and adults from all walks and areas of life.

Scott has committed his life to helping others overcome the obstacles and challenges in their lives and to help them create and live the life of their dreams…all with the hypnotic difference.

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