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Tuesday 11th July: 1pm – 2pm (QLD Time Zone)

‘Gut Weight: The 3 elements traditional weight loss don’t address’ with Adele Spurgin

Gut Weight

During this informative webinar interview on Gut Weight, we will be focusing on the 3 elements which traditional weight loss (although vital) doesn’t necessarily address: the emotional, spiritual and mental rituals of an individual and their consequences regarding gut health when ignored for too long.

This multi faceted approach aids and promotes not only gut health but gut weight loss and enables the whole body to function as a unit, especially during times of pressure or stress.

How does someones’ emotional, spiritual and mental rituals aid in weight loss and weight management?

Why these 3 elements are important to the psychosomatic approach of shedding a big belly, what they highlight and where to start?

It has been widely scientifically proven that toxic emotions can create dis-ease, but which un-resourceful stored emotions should be particularly paid attention to when it comes to gut health? What is the primary intelligence or language of the gut area and how can these emotions be fuelled positively instead of un-resourcefully?

By tapping in to ancient forms of healing, call it a spiritual or an alternative approach to witnessing what the body is outwardly showing us, we come to learn that internally or neurologically the gut area is the seat of: courage, personal identity & motion. It was Henry Ford who was quoted – “If you think you can or you think you can’t…you are right”. Thus without paying any attention to our mental rituals and strategies around personal capabilities any outer physical work can be extremely hard or out of internal alignment and thus self-sabotaged.

During this webinar, you will come to notice that these 3 rituals form the basis of lasting change, and when good strong resourceful practices are in place – an individual can rely on more sustained long term results. Join us as we share the ideal model for gut weight change – feeding your courage instead of your fears and getting all three brains to work collectively on gut weight outcomes.

Areas we will cover include:

** The psychosomatic signs of what a big belly means
** The model for change – feeding your courage instead of your fears.
** Getting all three brains to work! Yes 3 brains! What each one is responsible for.
** The 3 elements that traditional weight loss don’t address when it comes to gut weight. (emotional, spiritual and mental rituals)
** Where did the trouble initially begin. What are you trying to protect?

About Adele:
Over the past 6 years as a Coach I have had the privilege of working with and profiling some amazing people – all types: athletes, sportsmen and teams, alcoholics, work-a-holics, millionaires (many), boys, older men, my sons, their friends, my dad…Europeans, Africans, Australians, Americans, and have loved every second of it. My natural curiosity regarding psychosomatic (psycho – mind. Soma = body) health conditions have led me to creating Gut Out Of Here. An alternate yet integrated mind body connection approach (especially for men) to assist them in shedding their gut weight. By taking note of what is happening on the inside and combining both external and internal work my focus is waking up the source of our courage, i.e. the GUT.

I am an ex-National Softball player, I frequently out drive men on the golf course, I love playing tennis and am huge RF fan.

I live to travel & ski, have worked and lived on a few contents, immigrated to Australia over 10 years ago now with my family and am in the midst of raising two lovely teenage sons.

My passion is to support and inspire men & women to be their healthy best!

And my personal motto of “Your health is in your wealth” is what drives my passion for sharing this mind-body connection.
Make sure to listen in to a webinar that will help you, and your clients, better manage the weight issues.

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