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Tuesday 27th March: 1pm – 2pm (QLD Time Zone)

‘Belly, breath, and brain: finding joyous and healthy weight ranges through gut health, mindfulness, and sustainable habit change’ with Lulu Cook

gut healthThere is no one best diet for everyone, and as a health coach, I work with clients to help them move toward their own personal healthy weight range. However, addressing gut health, cultivating mindfulness of the body, and creating actionable experiments to nudge habits in a healthful direction is effective, no matter what diet an individual chooses.

In this webinar, we will outline the relevance of gut health to weight management, via appetite and mood regulation, decreasing inflammation, and correcting digestive disorders that derail many people’s ability to live joyfully in their bodies. We will identify the dietary shifts that reflect the fundamentals underpinning evidence-based weight-management approaches, whilst incorporating nuances that specifically address dysbiosis.

We will discuss current research into the benefits of mindfulness practices that allow clients to decrease stress, which has a powerful impact on weight management. Mindfulness also helps people cultivate an appreciative awareness of the body, bringing acceptance and even friendliness to an aspect of themselves that may have previously been fraught with judgement and shame.

This will include an overview of some of the many ways to practice mindfulness, from seated meditation, to mindful movement, to (one of my favorites) mindful cooking and eating. Finally, we will consider what tactics lead to effective behavior change, and how we can help clients amplify their motivation to make changes that will be sustainable and enjoyable for them. Over time, these dietary and behavioral changes lead to big outcomes, and health care providers get a front seat from which to cheer clients on whilst providing expertise, accountability, and encouragement!

Lulu Cook, RDN is a dietitian nutritionist, health coach, and meditation teacher with over a dozen years of experience in integrative health care, currently based in Brisbane, Queensland. She believes addressing gut health, inflammation, and life balance provide transformational healing opportunities, and that there is no one diet that works for everyone. After successfully coaching clients in multiple countries, Lulu understands that most people already know what they “should eat” to recover their natural state of vibrant well-being, but they may require additional expertise, accountability, and encouragement to craft a personalized wellness plan they can stick with.

Her approach is evidence-based and food-first, complemented by mindful eating and body-positive lifestyle strategies. These tools help clients heal from digestive and auto-immune disorders, find healthy and high-energy weight ranges, and regain their mental and emotional clarity. Lulu’s recently published book, The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners offers a delicious, simple pathway to reducing inflammation for people at any stage in their health journey. Lulu brings her functional nutrition expertise and warm, non-judgmental approach to clients through her company, Gut Feeling Holistic Health Coaching.

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